After winning 12 categories in this year’s Product of the Year Awards, ALDI has had great sales success across a number of its household products following the announcement in February.

The supermarket chain has had significant sales growth across the board of its winning products in the cleaning and pest control categories.

These include Powerforce Household Wipes, Logix Complete Dishwashing Tablets,
Trimat Advanced Laundry Liquid, Ancosoft Fabric Soft Concentrate and Atlas High Performance Spray.

One of ALDI’s Buying Directors was interviewed at this year’s Product of the Year Awards in February and said: “As a brand, winning Product of the Year ultimately endorses the quality and value proposition that we offer to our consumers.”

He said there was a multi-layered approach to our marketing execution which was rolled out following the announcement in February.

“We have in-store Point of Sale, we have the labels attached to the products which are all in-store,” he said.

“We also have a catalogue features that will be hitting the market next week and a range of other medium that will follow in the coming weeks and as time goes on.

He said Product of the Year had become an integral part of his category’s marketing plan.

“It’s such an important marketing tool as it’s a real endorser of our products. This is what consumers have had to say and if there’s any doubt about our products, this ultimately can make our products be bought by consumers and at least trialled and hopefully repeat purchases in the coming months.”

“This is really important to our brand. The ability to endorse the quality of our products is fundamental to selling our proposition to consumers.

“Will we enter again? Absolutely.”