Organic Bubs

Organic Bubs 2011 Winner

Organic Bubs is a small Australian owned company that has seen significant growth over the last 2 years. The company decided to enter their organic baby food pouches into Product of the Year last year and won the consumer vote for packaged food Product of the Year in 2011. Kristy Carr, Director of Organic Bubs said that as a small company the main benefits of winning were “traction with retailers, leading to increased ranging and distribution and the ability to generate buzz around the product to consumers in on-line forums, events and other social media”. As well as benefiting from the PR opportunities generated by the program they decided to execute POS stickers on pack which Kristy believes is the best way for a small company to leverage the award.

‘Consumers need to see the recommendation at store level, this is why we had on pack stickers and this has made a significant difference to our sales over the last year’.

Kristy Carr, Director