Enter a Product 2020

Welcome to the Product of the Year 2020 Entry Form!

Please note that entries for the 2020 awards open on February 25th 2019 and close on May 31st 2019.

You’re in the right place to participate in the nation’s largest consumer survey on product innovation, where winners are picked by over 14,000 consumers. Entry only takes a couple of minutes. Please be sure to read the Terms-and-Conditions  in full and read the details below.

You will receive an email from us confirming your entry was successful. The email will contain further instructions on providing up to 16 product samples and a fact sheet. Please be advised that your participation in the program is not contingent upon providing these samples.

  1. Product Description. You will need to enter a paragraph of no more than 75 words describing your product and its innovative features. Feel free to contact us for sample descriptions from past winners. This is the information that will be presented to consumers for their vote, along with a product image.
  2. Product Image. You will need to provide us with a high res image of your product/s (1000 x 1000 white background) which can be attached to your entry form. The image must be of one product ( not a range).
  3. Additional Information. All entries in high value products (over $150 in value) will need to provide additional information – this can be in the form of a press release, product brochure, presentation or the like that must be attached to the entry form.
  4. Authorization. PLEASE make sure you have authorization for the program costs outlined below and that you are authorised to enter on behalf of the brand.  Once you have entered you are committed to the entire program and associated costs.

You’re about to join a prestigious roster of brands that regularly compete for the Product of the Year distinction. But we want to make sure this is the right thing for you and you’re the right person to do this. Please be sure to read the Terms-and-Conditions in full.

Below are the three key things you should know:

  1. If your product is voted a winner of its category, your total costs will be $24,500 ($24,000 with Early Bird registration). Please see the chart below for a full breakdown of the costs. All entrants, win or lose, will receive the full research report on their category results from Nielsen research.  Discounts apply for 3 or more entries ( see below).
  2. Products cannot opt out once submitted. Due to the nature of the study, doing so may jeopardize the other products or even a whole category.
  3. The entry form is an electronic contract. You don’t get a paper to sign in the mail because by clicking “submit” you’re signing the form. It’s no different than shopping online.

Below is a summary of the costs.

Item SAVE $500
Entry Free Free
If selected by Jury $5,500 $6,000
If voted category winner $18,500 $18,500
TOTAL FOR WINNING $24,000 $24,500
SAVE $500 when you enter before APRIL 26TH


Research fee = $4,500

Winner Fee = $16,000

Please be sure to read the Terms-and-Conditions in full before submitting your entry.

Please feel free to contact us at 02 8356 1999 or 0407 426 660 or rosanna@productoftheyear.com.au if you have any questions about the entry form.


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Ready to go? Please check the box below to proceed. You will receive an email confirmation once you submit your product. Good luck!