Developed by our team of muesli lovers, Sunsol is introducing its first PRO-biotic toasted muesli range boosted with probiotics and fibre to support your digestive health and overall wellness. Sunsol PRO-biotic toasted muesli is boosted with GanedenBC30, a natural organic probiotic ingredient added to many foods, beverages and supplements to support digestive and immune health. The muesli is available in two flavourvariants – Almond, Cashew & Chia AND Almond & Manuka Honey. These nutrient-rich blends are made with more than 10 delicious ingredients. With a 4 Health Star Rating, these mueslis are a good source of dietary fibre, source of protein and with no artificial colours or flavours, making it the perfect meal or snack for any time of the day!

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