Winners of the 2013 Product of the Year Awards were announced at a ceremony held at the Sydney Opera House.

It was a fabulous evening hosted by Channel Nine’s TODAY Show co-presenter and regular jury panel member Lisa Wilkinson who awarded 34 winners for demonstrating excellence and innovation, as voted by more than 11,600 Australian shoppers.

The revolutionary Philips Sonicare Airfloss, a new alternative to string floss, which takes just 60 seconds to clean between all of your teeth, is just one of the pioneering products that stole the show.
Other original concepts that romped to victory include the Vaseline Aloe Fresh SPF Hydrating Lotion, a light body moisturiser that also offers great sun protection, Helga’s Thins, a new take on bread, Schwarzkopf Shake It Up Colour Foam, a fun colouration that is ready to use simply by shaking, giving it a milkshake-like effect, and the Queen Chocolate Mill, providing grated chocolate in a twist.
Voters were suitably impressed by the extra touches to their favourite gourmet items, reflected in victories for products like Macro Gourmet Dips, which are now also gluten and dairy-free, and the Birch & Waite Stir Fry Sauces range, a preservative-free, chilled blend of premium ingredients that offer a perfect complement to stir-fries.

Sweet-tooths were also indulged with fresh ideas that made a big impact, like the Streets New Blue Ribbon 3-in-1 range, combining three delectable flavours into one tub, and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations, where the injection of fun comes from the redesigned block packaging and unexpected and exciting flavours and textures.

BIC gained success by offering high end products at disposable prices, like the Hybrid 4 Advance for men and the Soleil Savvy for women, while Aldi has released its Berg Ham Value pack which consists of four individual cells of sliced ham with a longer shelf life of up to 70 days.
It is without a doubt that this year’s awards were fiercely competitive with so many brands showing excellence and creativity. To come out on top is a real tribute to the time and effort put in by manufacturers to deliver something truly unique and relevant to consumers.