What is Product of the Year?
Product of the Year (POY) is the only consumer product award that rewards innovation and is voted on by consumers. POY was created to champion innovative consumer packaged goods and give shoppers a shortcut to the very best new products on the market. It’s not only a prestigious award but a proven ROI tool. Over the past 35 years, our winners have enjoyed an average sales increase of 10-15%
How is Product of the Year different from other awards?
There are eight things that make POY completely unique:

Focus on Innovation.
POY exists to help guide shoppers to the best new innovative products as determined by consumers just like them. For winning products, this is not only an acknowledgement for innovation in the eyes of the industry, but a proven ROI tool.

100% Consumer-Voted.
There are no experts or lab coats involved. Products are voted on entirely by a nationally representative sample of Australian consumers.

100% Independent.
The competing products have no other interest in being included other than to put their product to the test of consumers. There are no advertising discounts or packaged deals that often come with magazine awards.

100% Transparent.
Brands can participate only if they enter and once a brand wins, the award is theirs to use. We don't "nominate" brands or ask for a percentage of their sales if they win.

Nationally Representative.
The 5,000+ consumers who vote are independently recruited by NielsenIQ to represent the national grocery shopping population. These people are not affiliated with magazine subscriptions and are 100% bias-free.

Over 30 Years of History.
Founded in 1987 in France, Product of the Year has long been the standard of consumer confidence around the world

Over 40 Countries.
POY is a powerful concept that works in every market. Over the years, we've grown to over 40 countries and are still growing.

Nation's Largest Study.
With over 5,000 shoppers voting on products, POY conducts Australia's largest consumer survey on innovation. Our research partner Nielsen conducts this study with a representative sample of the Australian population - therefore reflecting the opinions of the nation rather than a group of subscribers to one magazine or volunteers.[/expand]nd answer goes here
What Products qualify?
We accept entries for products that have been launched between October 1st 2020 and May 31st 2022. Products must demonstrate an innovation in one of the following (but not limited to): function, design, packaging:

If you have a great product, it doesn’t matter if it’s been out almost the full year or is just about to launch:

If you’re not sure, give us a call and we can help figure out if you should be entering.
How do you define innovation?
We accept entries from products that demonstrate innovation in their function, design or packaging. This could be a completely new type of product or a useful innovation to an older product or brand, such a new ingredient, redesigned shape or size, new formula (eg. less sugar) or new packaging (eg., user-friendly or "green"). Remember, it does not have to be revolutionary as long as it makes consumers' lives better/easier:

Please contact us directly if you have questions about your product.
How are the winners determined?
We partner with research company NielsenIQ, to survey a nationally representative sample of 5,000+ Australian shoppers. The survey is designed to assess consumer opinions on innovation, use, satisfaction and purchase intent of the competing products, with innovation being the strongest factor.
Can I enter more than one product?
Yes. There is no limit on how many products from one brand can be entered, as long as they meet the criteria above.
When can I enter?
Product of the Year Australia opens for entries each year in March and closes at the end of May.
What are the categories?
The general broad categories of product entries we accept include Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Personal Care, Household Products, Pet Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Small Appliances and Electronics, etc.

7 The exact category names are determined by NielsenIQ after all entries are received. Because this is an award for innovation, the categories are often driven by innovation trends of the preceding year. (For example, products like clinical-strength deodorants and bronzing lotions did not exist several years ago but now represent some of the best innovations):

We work with NielsenIQ to make sure only comparable products compete with each other and there are never less than 2 or more than 6 products in a category.
How much does it cost?
Entry to Product of the Year involves the following costs:
If your product makes it through the Jury Preview , there is a research fee of $3,500. This fee pays for itself in the form of a research report prepared by NielsenIQ based on the results in each category. Win or lose, you receive this report in exchange for participation. :

If your product is voted Product of the Year, there is a one-time winner fee of $15,000 that allows promoting the win and using our logo in any type of media for a full year. It also covers inclusion in our own PR campaign to support all winners. Winners in the Ones to Watch categories do not pay the winner fee.
What are the benefits of winning?
Winners have found numerous ways to benefit from POY over the past 30+ years, but here are a few of the key benefits we’ve observed:

At the very least all winners are guaranteed the following:

  • Inclusion in nationwide PR campaign to feature all winners
  • All finalists receive Nielsen research report regardless of outcome.
On top of that, being able to use the seal allows you to:

  • Use it in consumer-facing marketing campaigns to drive trial
  • Use it in PR outreach as "new" news to secure media coverage
  • Use it with sales force and retail partners to increase visibility and distribution
  • Use it in industry relations to support your company's reputation for innovation
  • Use it internally to boost morale and set example:
And this is why we know it works:

  • 30-year track history across the globe

  • 10-15% average sales increase reported by winners

  • 234% sales increase reported by major Australian Retailer home brand winner

  • 50% sales increase reported by 2015 winner Palmers and 2013 winner Safcol

Who are the Jury members and what is their role?
The role of the Jury is to evaluate all product entries and make sure only the truly innovative products go on to the consumer research phase. Jurors do not vote on the products, but help ensure that they meet the innovation and new to market criteria. Globally, our Juries are comprised of distinguished industry experts representing retailers, media, innovation and packaging associations.
When was Product of the Year founded
Product of the Year was founded in 1987 in France by former L’OREAL executive, Christian LeBret.
Does Product of the Year exist in other countries?"
Product of the Year currently exists in over 40 countries.
Who can I contact for additional information?
You may contact us with any questions by emailing us. With questions about entries please email sarah.connelly@productoftheyear.com.au With media, PR and marketing inquiries you can contact Emilie Lawson emilie@agent99pr.com

With questions about sponsorships or partnerships you can contact Sarah Connelly at sarah.connelly@productoftheyear.com.au.