The Research

Our unique and independent methodology is what separates us from any other award. Here are a few reasons why you can count on POY being more credible:

100% Consumer-Voted. There are no experts or lab coats involved. Products are voted on entirely by a nationally representative sample of Australian consumers.

100% Independent. The competing products have no other interest in being included other than to put their product to the test of consumers. There are no advertising discounts or packaged deals that often come with magazine awards.

100% Transparent. Brands can participate only if they enter and once a brand wins, the award is theirs to use. We don’t “nominate” brands or ask for a percentage of their sales if they win.

Nationally Representative. The 5,000+ consumers who vote are independently recruited by NielsenIQ to represent the national grocery shopping population. These people
are not affiliated with magazine subscriptions and are 100% bias-free.

Focus on Innovation. POY exists to help guide shoppers to the best new innovative products as determined by consumers just like them. For winning products, this is not only an acknowledgment for innovation in the eyes of the industry, but a proven ROI tool.

Independent Research with 5,000+ consumers
Our information provider NielsenIQ conducts this study with a representative sample of the Australian population – therefore reflecting the opinions of the nation rather than a group of subscribers to one magazine or volunteers. The survey is designed to assess consumer opinions based on innovation, use and satisfaction.

Research experts

The methodology of our study and value of the resulting research is backed by our independent information provider, NielsenIQ.

The Results
NielsenIQ scores all the answers and the product with the highest score in each category becomes Product of the Year in that category. All products that are surveyed in the research receive a detailed report on their category. The report is prepared by NielsenIQ and includes results on all the products that compete against each other in one category. The winners are announced at an Awards Night in November.