Birch & Waite lift sales, increase trial following Product of the Year win

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Birch & Waite lift sales, increase trial following Product of the Year win

Taking out Product of the Year in the Sauces Category has been a fantastic awareness platform to encourage trial and drive sales upwards of 33 per cent, according to Birch & Waite’s Head of Sales and Marketing Eugene Visione.

“Winning Product of the Year has provided significant consumer interest and exposure for Birch & Waite’s range of fresh seafood sauces,” Mr Visione said.

“The awards are well recognised by consumers and provide strong product endorsement to drive purchase.”

 Mr Visione said they have had a positive response from consumers and retailers on the Rich Tartare Sauce.

“We’ve had great feedback from consumers, they love discovering something new and consumers are surprised how much better Birch & Waite’s fresh, batch crafted seafood sauces taste over what they’re currently buying,” he said.

“Retailers are also keen to feature the product in catalogue as they know the awards provide strong product credibility with shoppers, and is a great way to drive retail sales.”

Mr Visione said they had focused on public relations, on pack “call outs” and promotional activity in store to drive trial of the award winning product.

He said the Product of the Year experience had been excellent, and they planned to enter more products in the 2018 awards.

“Without hesitation, winning Product of the Year is a ringing endorsement of our superior product quality and recognises our expertise in fresh sauce innovation,” he said

“Internally it recognises our great development team and celebrates great work.”