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Nurofen Zavance 2010

First ever campaign in Australia to introduce Product of the Year 2010

  • Integrated campaign included TV, Print, Outdoor, Online and POS
  • Increased product sales by 22% against the average of the 3 previous months, and in-market value sales of total brand up 9%

Nurofen Zavance Product of the Year Case Study

When Reckitt Benckiser launched a pain relief product that is absorbed up to twice as fast as its standard Nurofen product, it used a consumer-voted awards program to kick start its marketing activity.

Nurofen Zavance Tablets/Caplets contain a unique formulation containing sodium ibuprofen dihydrate, and are absorbed up to twice as fast as standard Nurofen tablets.

The product hit grocery and pharmacy shelves in March 2009, in time to enter it in the 2010 Product of the Year Awards, which forms part of the world’s largest independent consumer vote for the best and most innovative new products.

The product was put through a rigorous judging process. The best new product innovations were selected by a jury of experts from various fields including manufacturing, marketing and journalism, before a panel of more than 5000 Australian consumers voted for the winners.

At the Awards Night in February 2010, Nurofen Zavance Tablets/Caplets and Nurofen Zavance Liquid Capsules were named the winner of the Adult Medicine category, giving its launch marketing activity an early boost.

The fact that the winners were chosen by consumers makes the awards an even more powerful recognition of the product’s excellence and innovation according to Reckitt Benckiser brand manager Sarah Abaniel.

“It’s exciting to know that consumers have voted your product as their chosen product of the year and it validates the fact that we have truly provided consumers with a product innovation that met their needs,” Abaniel says.

The win led to immediate media attention, with the product being one of five featured in a segment on the Nine Network’s Today program.

Following the Product of the Year victory, the Nurofen Zavance tablets and caplets were further distributed through grocery, pharmacy and convenience channels.

The product had won the approval of more than 5000 consumers, but Reckitt Benckiser was then faced with the challenge of communicating this recognition to the rest of the country.

As an award winner, Reckitt Benckiser was able to add a tag to the end of its Nurofen Zavance brand commercials, and it ran special Product of the Year 15-second TVCs, advertising on large format outdoor billboards and banners on its Nurofen website. It was also able to use the Product of the Year logo on in-store and off-location displays in Woolworths, independent grocery stores and pharmacies.

Furthermore, Reckitt Benckiser took the opportunity to include Nurofen Zavance in Product of the Year’s own 30-second TVCs and in-mall advertising.

The award and the activity Reckitt Benckiser generated to communicate this to consumers had an immediate impact on sales with the in-market value sales of Nurofen Zavance during the two months of support up 22% against the average of the three previous months*.

Furthermore the entire Nurofen brand also felt the positive effect of the award, with in-market value sales of total Nurofen during the two months of support up 9% against the average of the three previous months*.

*source Nielsen Analgesics Database, MAT 30/05/2010