Enter 2018 Awards

Thanks for your interest.  Entries for the 2018 awards open on February 16th 2017.  Enter before April 30th and SAVE.

Click here for costs and timings.

Entry Requirements.

Your Product must have been launched between October 2015 and May 2017 and must demonstrate innovation in the form of function, design or packaging.

  1. Product Description. You will need to enter a paragraph of no more than 75 words describing your product and its innovative features. Feel free to contact us for sample descriptions from past winners. This is the information that will be presented to consumers for their vote, along with a product image.
  2. Product Image. You will need to provide us with a high res image of your product/s on a white background 1000 x 1000,  which can be attached to your entry form.
  3. Additional Information. All entries in high value products (over $150 in value) will need to provide additional information – this can be in the form of a press release, product brochure, presentation or the like that must be attached to the entry form.
  4. Authorization. Please make sure you have authorization for the program costs and that you are authorised to enter on behalf of the brand.

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