ALDI Power Force Pro Bath and Shower Cleaner

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ALDI Power Force Pro Bath and Shower Cleaner

For all your bathroom cleaning needs look no further than Power Force Pro with its new dual active ingredient improved formulae.  Specifically formulated to provide powerful and targeted removal of dirt, grime and soap scum.  Independently tested and shown to outperform leading brands at less than 1/2 the prices. Proudly formulated and made in Australia.

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  1. Jenny hall says:

    I used the aerosol version of this and was amazed at the results. I went back to buy some more but couldn’t find it. Was the aerosol version a trial?
    It seems to keep the glass looking cleaner for longer after it removed all the scum from the glass that is.
    I loathe dirty shower screens and have tried all the cleaners along with squeegeeing after a shower but the aerosol pro force cleaner I tried has given me the best results ever…I am 54 and have cleaned a few showers!
    Thanks Aldi

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