Aldi Specially Selected Pasta Sauces

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Aldi Specially Selected Pasta Sauces

Aldi Casa Barelli pasta sauce

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A taste of Italy with these innovative pasta sauces including: Siciliana, Calabrese, Romana and Toscana.

The only pasta sauce range in the market to have the traditional flavour profile for four particular regions of Italy. It is convenient for a restaurant quality pasta sauce for your home cooked pasta and is incredible value at less than half the price of like for like pasta sauces in Australia.T he Toscana variant is the only pasta sauce in Australia to contain smoked pancetta.


  1. Diane Spandet says:

    I just tried Aldi’s Specially Selected Pumpkin & Butternet Squash Pasta Sauce. We had it over roasted spaghetti squash. It was delicious!!!! I hope to find it again at my store!

  2. Dara Williams says:

    We just tried Specially Selected (Pumpkin and Butternut Squash) last night for dinner and by golly, that is the BEST darn jarred sauce EVER!!! My toddler, 3, are so fast we had to keep telling her to “take your time”! Which NEVER happened with competitor brands.
    Bravo to this sauce and thank you!

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