Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cake Snack Pack

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Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cake Snack Pack

Finally a snack that ticks all the boxes! These smooth and creamy rice cakes are  100% natural, fructose friendly, preservative free and guilt free. Made with real  belgian chocolate or coated with creamy yoghurt, they are wholegrain (made from  brown rice), made with cocoa butter (not palm oil), are gluten free and have no  artificial colours and flavours. These portion sized snack packs are perfect for on  the go or for your kids lunchboxes. Now you can have your cake and eat it too!

At Table of Plenty we strive to create quality, trustworthy products with tasty  wholesome ingredients. It is our mission to see everyone of us find a state of  wellbeing so we can live and contribute our best to life and this starts with good  food. Enjoy and Live Plenty!


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